You have questions, we have answers

Big Rock Advisors provides answers to these questions with Accounting, Finance and Solution-Based Tools.

  • Accounting: solid performance measurement and reporting to clearly understand how your business has performed and what’s happening now.
  • Finance: use that information to plan and act – to avoid surprises and achieve your goals.
  • Solutions: you know where you want your business to go, Big Rock works side by side with you to get there.

Keep reading and learn how Big Rock partners with small to mid-sized business and provides them with the solutions they need.


Let’s face it. While many businesses are good at serving their customers, they’re often not very good at the core functions of accounting and finance. At best these functions exist to help the CPA prepare the tax return. » Learn More


Big Rock provides a full spectrum of outsourced accounting and finance services, to suit the needs of small- to mid-sized businesses at all stages of their life cycle – startup, growth, maturity and sale. » Learn More


Big Rock’s clients cross a broad spectrum of industries, including professional services, retail, distribution, software and real estate. Their revenues range from $1 million to $25 million annually, and they have as many as 100 employees. » Learn More

Outsourced accounting and finance solutions for businesses in the middle market. » Learn More