Let’s face it. While many businesses are good at serving their customers, they’re often not very good at the core functions of accounting and finance. At best these functions exist to help the CPA prepare the tax return. At worst they produce inaccurate, hard to understand information slowly. And, to complicate matters, accounting and finance positions are some of the most difficult ones to staff and manage properly. Business owners who aren’t accounting or finance professionals can’t be expected to know how to hire the best accounting person for their company. Big Rock solves this problem by providing a full spectrum of outsourced accounting and finance solutions, staffed by professionals with decades of experiences serving the middle market.


This cycle is the core of financial management and accounting for any business. By tapping into this cycle, business leaders unleash powerful value-generating tools.

Planning means setting goals for your business. Driving to an intended result. Looking ahead to know where your business and your cash is going. Planning requires accurate accounting information – measuring the right things in a consistent fashion. Reporting shows you how you’re performing against your plan. Your reports need to be timely, intuitive and useful. They need to communicate what’s really happening in your business in a way that you and others– including potential buyers – can understand. And, with timely, clear reporting you can complete the cycle. You can act. Act quickly because your planning, measuring and reporting helped you anticipate what was coming.