Big Rock’s clients cross a broad spectrum of industries, including professional services, retail, distribution, software and real estate. Their revenues range from $1 million to $25 million annually, and they have as many as 100 employees. Click on one of their logos to learn more.

GroundFloor Media. GroundFloor Media is one of the leading public relations consulting firms in the Rocky Mountain west and has been a Big Rock client since 2007. Big Rock provides outsourced accounting support, business financial planning, financial reporting and outsourced CFO support.

“For the past 5 years, Big Rock has served as GroundFloor Media’s ‘outsourced CFO’ and has worked closely with us to develop a comprehensive financial/operational plan to allow us to grow the agency year over year. Rob and his team have helped us identify our true profit drivers, establish methods for tracking those drivers, and then assisted us with evaluating results and variances from our plan. We attribute a large part of our financial strength to the partnership we have had with Big Rock through the years.”
Laura Love-Aden and Ramonna Robinson, owners.

Boutique Apartments, Inc. Boutique and its various investment funds own uniquely themed apartment buildings in central Denver; they have been a Big Rock client since 2007. Big Rock provides business financial planning, financial reporting and outsourced CFO support.

“Big Rock has helped us understand where we have been as a firm but more importantly has provided us with clarity about where we are going. This has been invaluable for us and has allowed our firm to be proactive in decisions today that impact our future performance. I had no idea how valuable clear financial coaching was before we retained Big Rock.

Big Rock has helped Boutique Apartments develop a well thought out strategic financial plan that has dramatically effected the long term value of our company and our investments. This work has built a strong foundation for our firm and has given us a lot of options as shareholders-including the ability to contemplate a liquidity event now that our financial house is in order.

Big Rock distills complicated financial data into easy to understand reporting that investors and stakeholders find extremely meaningful in assessing the performance of their investments.”
Grant V. Barnhill, President.

Blender Products, Inc. Blender Products is a Denver-based engineering and manufacturing company in its 50th year of providing proprietary industrial air and gas mixing products that improve system performance in a wide range of industrial process applications, including HVAC, Air Pollution Control, and Metal Processing.

“Working with Big Rock Advisors allows us access to top tier financial analysis, operating CFO expertise, and strong mid-market M&A skill-sets, on an outsourced basis that is sized to a small-company customer and cost effective as well. Big Rock does not use the “senior sell, junior service” model that is such a problem with most consulting; they provide hands-on counsel based on their own professional experience. It has been a great pleasure working with Big Rock, and the value I have received is enormously greater than the fees I have paid.”

Jim Howey, Director of Business Development.

TransAmerican Rubber. TransAmerican Rubber is one of the nation’s largest distributors of specialty tubes and tires to the industrial, mining and farming industries, and has been a Big Rock client since 2004. Big Rock provides business financial planning and outsourced CFO support.

“Creative solutions for big business problems is what Big Rock is all about.  The Big Rock team gets it because they have lived it.  They helped bring clarity to our issues and built a sophisticated financial model that we use to this day – nearly 7 years later.  Successfully managing through these turbulent times was, in large part, made possible due to Big Rock’s insight and good work for us.  A thousand thank you’s!”
Dennis Orcutt, President, CEO & owner.