Big Rock provides a full spectrum of outsourced accounting and finance services, to suit the needs of small- to mid-sized businesses at all stages of their life cycle – startup, growth, maturity and sale.

Startups and growth companies need to be sure their accounting processes are rock-solid and provide accurate measurements and useful reports. They need finance help to ensure they’re on top of their cash flows.

Growing and maturing companies need to make sure their business maximizes cash flow and that their financial reporting quickly and accurately portrays how they’re doing. After all, you never know when the right buyer might be interested. They may also need to secure capital from someone who’s not the founder – and those investors and lenders will demand reporting that many firms haven’t had to provide in the past.

Companies ready to sell need to be able to convey the real value in their business to a potential buyer, and need a seasoned finance professional on board to help them work with lawyers and possibly investment bankers.

Big Rock’s services support companies at each of these critical stages.