Financial Reporting

When companies secure outside capital, whether from banks or investors, their reporting obligations change fundamentally. They have a duty to provide timely, accurate financial reports. They have a duty to manage to the plan that led those funding sources to be willing to provide the capital. More importantly, to maintain those capital relationships, companies need to provide more than just a few pages of financial information. They need to add color and context. Not just what happened – but why did it happen? How has it changed their expectations for the future? Just as business owners need good planning and reporting because they don’t want surprises, banks and investors hate surprises. Even if something bad happens, they will feel a great deal better about it if they were warned. That’s what quality investor reporting provides. Big Rock’s principals have decades of experience in working with lenders and investors, and we use that experience to work with our clients to provide their lenders and investors with the kind of financial reporting that builds confidence. Confidence that management understands their business and will manage to the plan they’ve agreed to.