Outsourced Accounting Professionals

Many smaller companies aren’t well-suited to hire or manage someone to handle their ongoing accounting needs. In the worst cases they have a clerical person taking those responsibilities – and that person is often not a trained accountant. Simply handing someone who’s not trained as an accountant a computerized accounting system doesn’t make them capable of preparing the information a growing company needs. Furthermore, as the company continues to grow, owners often promote that person to “controller” – because that’s the natural career path, right? But that’s precisely what growing companies don’t need. They need a trained accounting professional who knows how to maintain their books according to established accounting standards; someone who makes a company’s books a useful tool – not just a necessary evil. Quite often these skilled, trained accounting professionals can handle even a mid-sized company’s books on a part-time basis. But how do you find and manage that person? It’s very difficult for a business owner not familiar with accounting to hire the right accounting person, especially if that person will only work part-time. Big Rock provides fully outsourced accounting managers on a part-time basis, often for less than what small companies pay their current full-time accounting staff – and our trained professionals can provide better results.